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HIRING FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS AT THE REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE -BISON DRIVE Hiring For All Departments At The Real Canadian Superstore -bison Drive Located At Mb.Apparently the seafood employee phoned in sick today so there was no one there but the manager offered to come down and wrap and bar code a bag of mussels for me.I get the feeling there is a longstanding bitterness between the local stores and headquarters in Toronto on many issues, and that the local clerks are chafing between hq directives and customer complaints.I always treat people in service jobs politely and give a lot of leeway.The plus for me here is that I know many of the teenagers that work in the store, and they always give me good service.Real Canadian Superstore once again in the spotlight after denying customers redemption of points. the store wins because no coupon is used,.

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Your produce section looks worse than a third world bazaar or grocery store in a cold war socialist country.

Or the cashier has stopped to ask if what kind of lettuce this was. (It was green leaf lettuce. No joke.).Another interesting note is that the majority of the cashiers are women-many mothers who are trying to earn a living and support a family.Ecig Canada Zone Electronic Cigarettes ECigarettes with or without NICOTINE.There is no reason the cashier should ring the item though and then put the item in front of the bin instead of INTO the bin.

I think customer service is very important in good times and bad and I make (some) choices based on it.

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I lay everything out on the belt and arrange my bins on the other end of the counter.The worse thing about superstore is that they will run out of something for weeks at a time without restocking it, and they keep on changing things around.I work in our family business and I make it a point to always smile as I answer the phone.

It seems common practice there to pack any and all bags for you except for in the express lane.Maybe it was the particular socio-economic group that I taught, or maybe not.Unfortunately, the night shift (stocking and cleaning) starts at the old 10pm time.They are friendly, are great at packing my bins, and have even helped me carry them over to my cart.There was no one around so I went behind the counter and gave him a plastic bag.The selection is definitely less than at a Superstore, but I know where everything is and I can be in and out quite quickly.

I had a breaking point and emailed this letter to Loblaw last week.We are members of a Union, United food and commercial workers(UCFW) 1000A.After about 10 minutes I asked in the meat section and was told they would page someone.Instead of ringing them in and putting them into the bins as they go they just stack all the groceries in front of bins, sometimes even physically pushing them down the counter to make room for more.They would have to be wrapped and given a price and bar code (even though the price was on the tank per mesh bag) and that this could only be done by a seafood employee and no one was in at this department today.

These were often middle aged or older women, sometimes young men, and sometimes the people packing bags had disabilities.The cashiers barely acknowledge my presence and I pack my own stuff.Please note you will need a printer connection to print your coupons.That being said, I wonder if some of the poor service issues can be traced back further than poor training.Canadian Pharmacy proudly serving USA residents with discount drug prices.At my local grocery store the happily take my bags and almost every one of the teenagers that has bagged my groceries comments on how great and unique they are.Customer service everywhere sucks except the small town where we live.Find coupons and free samples for Real Canadian Superstore coupon.Here is a great deal with a coupon in the upcoming Superstore Ontario flyer valid January the 22nd to the 28th. Real Canadian Superstore:.

That said, I am also disappointed with service quite often here.We never met a discourteous person at a grocery store the whole month we were there.

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Funny thing is at the Loblawas at Carlingwood there are cashiers who have worked at this location for 10 years plus.And as always we workers are only human, subject to the weaknesses and volatility of our own human emotions, and to often it seems customers want us to be cold souless machines that they can take their anger from whatever out on us.I used to just hate the superstore, now I see just as a place, like any other, where I can get what I need sometimes, not ideal but there it is.I am not making excuses for bad service just telling it like it is.Browse the Superstore weekly flyer, latest deals, coupons and offers. Save with this week Real Canadian Superstore Sale,.

I prefer to shop at the smaller, family run grocery store in our town that might be a little more expensive, but you get fantastic service and the quality of items is MUCH better.Self checkout is becoming a joke, most people do not know how to use it, or have a huge cart of groceries.Coupons (1) (0 rates) Expires in: 26 days Real Canadian Superstore Deal: FREE Month of Click and Collect Online Grocery Shopping Real Canadian Superstore.My groceries are tossed in the bags and I always end up re-packing the bags to rescue certain items (Once I was criticized for having re-useable bags from the competition.).

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